Sustainable mobility

Quality of life also means reclaiming streets for the people. A traffic-calmed and connected Barcelona that promotes sustainable and accessible mobility that is safe and friendly for pedestrians and cyclists, capable of reaching everywhere through an efficient and clean public transport service within everyone’s reach.

Urban Mobility Plan (2013-2018)

The 2013-18 Barcelona Urban Mobility Plan (UMP) is the planning tool for defining the action lines governing urban mobility over the coming years.

Bicycle strategy

Barcelona is a city committed to a safe, sustainable, fair and efficient safety model, which is opting to give greater centrality to non-polluting means of transport, by increasing, among other measures, the use of bicycles as a usual means of urban transport in the city.

New Bus Network

There are 28 New Bus Network or high-performance bus lines: 8 horizontal, 17 vertical and 3 diagonal.

Tram network connection

The City Council is seeing to every citizen's right to sustainable, safe, fair and efficient travel anywhere in the city. The two networks’ connection represents a clear commitment to environmental and mobility improvements.

Electric Vehicle Master Plan

The consumption of energy derived from fossil fuels is the main cause of atmospheric pollution in the city. That is why Barcelona City Council is promoting EcoMobility as well as less-polluting and more energy-efficient means of transport.

Electric Mobility Strategy 2018-2024

The electric mobility strategy responds to the need for safe, sustainable, equal and efficient mobility. The aim is to promote the use of electric vehicles in public and private sectors, to improve recharging facilities and provide backing for the development of the electric mobility industry. The measures will be applied between now and 2024 and will affect all motorised transport in the city.