Greenery and biodiversity management

Donem pas al verd

Urban greenery is plant wealth, botanical biodiversity and a support for animal diversity as well.

The biodiversity found in big cities, especially in their green spaces, is often the only opportunity for contact with nature citizens have, and brings environmental and social benefits that are essential for improving their quality of life and well-being.

The city government is currently promoting a new maintenance culture for the city’s greenery, one that is more sustainable and offers more benefits for the community and specific sectors sensitive to chemical products. Barcelona is moving towards an ecological transition in public gardening and greenery management in the city, as well as in dealing with pests and diseases, where it is opting for a biological approach and considering phytosanitary treatment as a last resort.

The increase in weeds in public spaces is a consequence of this policy of respecting the environment and reducing the use of chemical treatments. Such actions are beneficial not just for biodiversity and quality of the urban environment but also for the health and quality of life of citizens. That is why products such as glyphosate have stopped being used for controlling weeds in tree pits and other places.

Green spaces are outdoor spaces for leisure and promoting harmonious community life. So the city is ensuring its park, gardens, trees and woodlands are maintained under sustainability and environmentally friendly criteria, and equipped with recreation areas for children and senior citizens, leisure facilities and places for walking dogs.

The City Council is seeing to health, quality of life, climate-change reduction and biodiversity in Barcelona’s green spaces so that nature can enjoy a greater presence in the city in its natural state. It is therefore calling on all city residents for their collaboration, seeing as a cultural change is also needed if we are to adapt to a change in the urban landscape that is more suited to our climate and brings more benefits for everyone.