Lighting Master Plan

The Lighting Master Plan is a strategic document that establishes criteria for the improvement and renovation of public lighting in the city of Barcelona. Without establishing the technology nor the projects, the Plan sets the criteria of change and is implemented through the inclusion of the criteria in remodeling projects for street lighting and new lighting projects in the city.

It defines the model of public-private involvement for ornamental lighting and determines other projects. Regarding the customization of buildings and monuments, it works on some elements and seeks maximum public-private collusion for further development. It also prioritizes projects for remodeling streets.

More than 146,000 points of light

in Barcelona

82 GWh/year

is what consumes the street lighting in Barcelona (equivalent to the consumption of 38,000 households)

19.000 kW

is the power contracted by the city


To prioritize pedestrian lighting instead of road lightning.


To improve lighting levels, energy efficiency and functional intelligence.


To customize the buildings, monuments and streets.