Environmental clauses are to be included in every City Council contract

The City Council has prepared its first “Guidelines on social and environmental public procurement”, as a packet of measures for encouraging municipal public procurement under contracts with companies and professionals that contribute a business model based on social and environmental criteria.

Social and environmentally responsible public procurement is being promoted through measures that will include a schedule of specific administrative clauses to offset the importance of the economic bids in public tenders, and to boost the protection criteria of small and medium-sized businesses employment rights, strengthening the cooperative, social and solidarity economy, ethical public procurement, gender equality, non-sexist, criteria respecting functional diversity and balancing between personal life and work.

A municipal label will be created as a sign of public recognition for businesses that demonstrate these requirements under a business model with social responsibility and will become part of a municipal business register.

Further information: More sustainable City Council


That none of the City Council’s contractors has any economic and/or illegal financial relationship with countries considered tax havens, preparing social procurement reports and limiting direct procurement without publicity.


Ensuring maximum transparency and competition for all its administrative activities, especially when it comes to public procurement.