More Sustainable Barcelona Map

The More Sustainable Barcelona Map is an interactive virtual tool created collaboratively by citizens, companies, associations and the local authority. It shows initiatives and resources that help to improve the urban environment, build a fairer and more inclusive social structure and enrich the community and neighbourhood fabric.

It represents a unique opportunity for raising the profile of our contribution in improving our city, from small and recently started initiatives to large and established projects. The More Sustainable Barcelona Map is the citizen meeting point that aims to promote sustainability in the city, a social network of our natural and social heritage. offers you practical information on ecological shops, social and solidarity economy companies, schools with environmental projects, vertical gardens, green roofs, second-hand product shops, community and self-management spaces, green points and any of the more than 3000 points.

The points included on the map are selected through citizen and workshop participatory processes, where they are collaboratively chosen for inclusion in the More S B Map. Itineraries are also being made for the city's various neighbourhoods.

Points of interest can be individually proposed and photos and narratives on the mapped points added from the website or the app for mobiles.

The Map then is a participatory project that aims to boost the city’s sustainability while strengthening and dynamising a citizen network in Barcelona.