Alternative water resources plan

The Alternative Water Resources Plan aims to move towards sustainable and rational water management focusing on water saving, optimization and substitution by alternative water resources. The plan identifies existing water resources and their potential uses according to their characteristics (chemical and biological), dimensioned potential demand and provides city infrastructure necessary for their use. The plan provides a global map of alternative resources to drinking water in Barcelona and gives visibility to the water supply across the city. In addition, it ensures synergies between the different municipal and private operators in the city for improvement in supply.


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108.2 hab/day

is the total domestic consumption of water per capita every day


is the use of groundwater by municipal services in total


of waste water is treated


To reduce consumption of drinking water in the city, through the expansion and improvement of the water supply network and other alternative water resources.


To promote the increased use of these resources for city services such as irrigation of parks and gardens or cleaning streets and sewage.