Comprehensive Lighting Renovation Plan

The Comprehensive Lighting Renewal Plan 2018-2020 is a strategic project that aims to increase security, energy efficiency and smart management, adhere to current guidelines, and provide better health and environmental quality for city residents. This Plan is supplemented with the improvements established in the city’s contract for conservation and maintenance of public lighting, which updates the plan each year according to needs.

These improvements make the city feel brighter. They do not provide more light, rather they distribute it more effectively, through the application of the latest lighting technologies. They also provide more uniform lighting, reducing the sensation of patches of light, in order to improve visibility. They include maximum energy efficiency and functional optimization, by using regulation and control systems. This gives a sensation of increased luminosity ,with greater control and an increased sense of safety for city residents.

The plan involves over 200 streets, with the installation of over 10,000 new LED lights in all city districts.

More than 146,000 points of light

in Barcelona

82 GWh/year

is what consumes the street lighting in Barcelona (equivalent to the consumption of 38,000 households)

19.000 kW

is the power contracted by the city