Tree Master Plan

The quantity and quality of trees, and their role as part of the city’s green infrastructure, are factors that have been growing in importance in our city in the last few decades. Because of this, a strategy document is needed to guide municipal action in planning and managing all the trees in the city.

Here strategy means adapting to and anticipating change. We also need to see trees as living beings with a long lifespan (the average in an urban environment being approximately 50 years). For all those reasons, the Tree Master Plan is a long-term (20-year) plan, running from 2017 to 2037.

The city’s tree mass is a universal natural resource that connects people with urban nature, and provides the current generation, as well as future ones, with health and a habitable space thanks to its environmental, social and landscaping aspects.

Conservation of this heritage is driven by Barcelona City Council by involving everyone, both the public and private sectors, as well as organisations and the general public.

The ultimate goal of the Tree Master Plan is for the city to enjoy a dynamic, healthy, biodiverse organism that is in abundant supply. A resource with lots of native species, a distinguishing feature that is mature, safe and sustainable, and which requires the best conditions for its development, adapted to the urban ecosystem. Urban trees are essential for green infrastructure and for creating quality public space.

1.4 million

trees make up Barcelona’s estimated arboreal heritage


of the city’s surface area is covered by trees

50 years

is the life average age for a tree in the urban environment