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  • Special Olympics torch arrives in Barcelona

    Tomorrow, sees the arrival of the torch for the 2018 Special Olympic Games in La Seu d’Urgell – Andorra la Vella 2018 as the first Catalan city en route for Andorra la Vella. 

    On the way, various acts will be held in the Port, on La Rambla and in Plaça Sant Jaume. What’s more, a number of personalities will accompany sportspersons carrying the special flame.

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  • El CN Barcelona, in the MOE

    The photographic exhibition of the Club Natació Barcelona starts at the Museu Olímpic i de l'Esport, in which historical images of this Barcelona centennial club are shown.

    The Fundació Barcelona Olímpica wants to recognize the existence of all the clubs and all the organizations that allow the practice of sports in the city and that is why it makes an annual monographic exhibition about a centennial club in Barcelona.

  • More than 12.000 athletes celebrate the 40 years of popular sport

    This Sunday, more than 12.000 runners have filled the streets of Barcelona in the 40th edition of the Mercè Race.

    Concerning the competition, the athlete Miriam Ortiz has risen with the victory in the female category stopping the chronometer in a fantastic 35'52". Also, the runner Mourad El Bannouri has been the winner in the men's category with a final time of 29'34".

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  • The Barnatresc returns with the Sants walk

    The Barnatresc calendar recovers the already traditional walks and, this September, it's time to walk through Sants.

    The departure and arrival will be at the parc Espanya Industrial, around 9:00 am, and the participants will walk around 12km. Do you encurage to walk?

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  • The best pelotaris of the world, in action

    This Friday, at 12 p.m., we will host the official presentation of the World Pilota Barcelona 2018, an event that will take place from October 14th to 20thMarta Carranza, Barcelona City Council Sports Commissioner, attended the event.

    The competition will be divided into four specialties: basket, shovel, hand and frontennis. And the participation of about 300 players from 14 different countries is expected to live in 14 official competitions and more than 160 matches at the Olympic CEM.

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  • Sports activities at Big Annual Festivals

    Several neighbourhoods are holding their “festa major” or big annual festival this weekend, with an extensive varied programme that includes a whole host of sports-related activities.

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Tue, 09/18/2018 - 12:38

CN Barcelona comes to the Museu Olímpic

Exhibitions. The Museu Olímpic i de l'Esport will be holding a photography exhibition on the Barcelona Swimming Club until 2 December.

Cicle el Valor de l'esport s XXI

Sat, 09/15/2018 - 09:42

Sport and the new senior citizens

Conferences. Sport, a practice that can be enjoyed to the full at any age.

Moll de la Marina, Trofeu Internacional Ciutat de Barcelona de Vòlei Platja, esports

Fri, 09/14/2018 - 13:42

Sports agenda for the La Mercè 2018

Activities. The city dresses up to celebrate the La Mercè, Barcelona’s annual festival, and sport will definitely play a starring role with tons of major events and activities.


Wed, 09/19/2018 - 12:43

Sport and integration come to the City of Barcelona International Indoor Football Trophy

Indoor football.. This weekend sees the Poliesportiu del CEM Mundet playing host to the 9th City of Barcelona International Indoor Football Trophy ACELL-Special Olympics.

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Universal acces

Universal access to the sports practice is to ensure that nobody, for social, economic, physical or psychological reasons...stayed without the possibility to practice sports in the city.