• A partir del 16 de febrer es pot veure l’exposició fotogràfica “Setze barris, mil ciutats: Fotografies per a altres relats de Barcelona”, impulsada pel Pla de barris en col·laboració amb l’Arxiu Fotogràfic de Barcelona.

  • Recurs digital de cerca sobre les Rúbriques de Bruniquer, la crònica de la vida barcelonina entre els anys 1249 i 1714.

  • Our annual report includes the most important data of the activity carried out by the Barcelona Municipal Archives. We invite you to have a look at everything we have done in the past 2017.

  • Do you know what type of documentation they preserve and what activities do they offer? Check out all the information about each of the archive centres and the details to contact them.

  • If you are over 16, you are free to come and consult, without any charge, all the original documents and information resources that might be of interest to you.  

  • In commemoration of the first anniversary of the terrorist attacks on August 17, the website "Memorial la Rambla 17A" has been launched, where you can consult the documents that were collected on la Rambla and have been treated, preserved and disseminated by the Contemporary Municipal Archives.

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  • The image shows the text "Barcelona, city of peace" accompanied by the drawing of an olive branch


Membres del Club de Petanca de Ciutat Meridiana durant un partit.

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Barcelona Municipal Archives start the treatment and conservation of documents collected on La Rambla

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After the attacks on August 17, 2017, people from all over the world placed on la Rambla, spontaneously, more than 12,000 objects and documents as an example of homage to the victims and support for their families. Now, coinciding with the first anniversary of the attacks, the website "Memorial la Rambla 17A" will be available to all citizens, which will contain the digital archive of all these offerings and condolences to preserve the collective memory and as a recognition of the victims.
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