• Digital cities, digital freedoms: digital commons, ethical standards and open-source software for cities

    Interested in your digital rights? Come and take part in the Biennial for Thought get-together at Fabra i Coats

  • Discover the winner proposals for the challenge to empower women in the technology industry

    Sign up for the get-together “Women in the technology industry. Debunking stereotypes”, at the Biennial of Thought.

  • Apropa’t a la ciutat intel·ligent amb l’Smart City Week

    Del 5 a l’11 de noviembre, descobreix una setmana d’activitats per reflexionar i experimentar la relació entre les persones, la tecnologia i les ciutats.


  • Torre de la ciutat japonesa de Kobe.

    Come along and join in the 2018 Barcelona-Kobe World Data Viz Challenge!

    The ten best displays or infographics made with data from the BCN Open Data portal will be presented at the Smart City Expo.

    Until 02/11/18