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    The Global Observatory of Urban Artificial Intelligence’s new report on AI Ethics



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    Connecting Barcelona to reduce the digital divide

    Pilot project to promote digital inclusion in the neighbourhoods.


  • Ca l'Alier, headquarters of the BIT Hab Foundation

    New boost for urban innovation in Barcelona



  • Illustration on digital rights

    We are publishing a repository of 46 initiatives from city residents in defence of digital rights.

    Check it out!



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Presentation of the report on the ethics of AI in politics during the Smar City Expo 2021.

During the Smart City Expo World Congress 2021, the Global Observatory of Urban AI (GOUAI) presented its newly published report “AI Ethics in policy and action: city governance of algorithmic-decision systems”, which aims to set an ethical framework to guide cities’ applications of algorithmic decision systems.

Barcelona City Council Pavilion at the Smart City Expo 2021

At this international showcase, Barcelona highlights its commitment to digital innovation as a tool for building the future through 44 projects that are enabling us to advance towards a more sustainable, connected and socially cohesive city.

Imatge oficial Smart City Expo 2020

We envision an inclusive digital future. More ethical, more collaborative, more transparent. For everybody.

Discover here how we are building Barcelona's future with the projects we are presenting at the Smart City Expo 2021.


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