• DSIPLAY Gathering: How to set up a collaborative social project  

    Discover places, tools and resources for developing your social project.

    InnoBA, Can Jaumandreu (5.30 pm) 23 October
  • Discover ICTs with the family at the Fab Labs!

    Sign up for the workshops on the ‘Families and ICT’ programme.





    Project presentations from 16 September to 31 October 2019
  • Barcelona, innovation laboratory

    Find out the results achieved through the digital-innovation strategy and policies.



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 Call for the second session of the DSIPLAY cycle.

It isn't always easy to secure funding for projects with a social objective and a technological profile. The DSIPLAY cycle of talks is organising an exchange session where various innovative social projects (start-ups) that are already set up and are in the operational phase, will explain the business model they have developed and what obstacles they have encountered along the way.

Final session of the DECODE pilot project “Citizen Science Data Governance (IoT)”

The Catalan Institute of Advanced Architecture (IAAC) has hosted the final session of the pilot project Citizen Science Data Governance (IoT), an initiative that forms part of the European Decentralized Citizens Owned Data Ecosystem (DECODE) project.

 The municipal stand at the Smart City Expo 2018.

Do you have a technological initiative that can help Barcelona become a fairer, more egalitarian, more compassionate city? Then now you can share it on the City Council’s stand at the Smart City Expo (from 19 to 21 November). The call is open to all innovative third sector entities, associations, startups and SME's.

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