• Smart City Week: city in action

    Over fifty activities for discovering and activating the smart cities of today, tomorrow and the future.

    From 11 to 17 November
  • DSIPLAY meeting: Ethics in data use and management

    Interested in discovering new open data projects and tools?

    Elisava (5.30 pm) 19 November
  • Promotional poster of the day i.lab.

    i.Lab Day: Urban labs. Collaborative innovation in Europe

    Do you know how local governments, companies and innovative people are collaborating to solve the city’s challenges?


    Ca l’Alier (4.30 pm) 18 November
  • Discover ICTs with the family at the Fab Labs!

    Sign up for the workshops on the ‘Families and ICT’ programme.



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L’Ajuntament de Barcelona porta a l’Smart City Expo World Congress (19 al 21 de novembre) el seu Espai Fòrum, una àgora on es presentaran projectes de ciutat, tant municipals com iniciatives d’entitats del tercer sector, associacions, empreses emergents i PIMES.

Les Corts Fab Lab.

The Les Corts Fab Lab hosted the fifth session in the DSIPLAY programme of digital social innovation experiences, devoted to social development around the fab lab network. The meeting explored the capacity of these public facilities to transform local areas.

Woman working with a computer at TransfoLAB BCN.

The collaborative economy was the central theme of the “How to launch a collaborative social project” meeting held on 23 October at InnoBA as part of the DSIPLAY cycle of digital social innovation experiences. Those attending the event discovered several ways of launching a collaborative project and were able to exchange queries and opinions with entrepreneurs from the sector.


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