Reorienting the strategy of municipal mobile apps

The City Council intends to opt for simplifying and optimising resources in mobile app maintenance. The new strategy is centred on reducing the volume of native apps and on the preferential use of web apps* and responsive websites.

One of the first initiatives was the publication of this new website, which contains apps and web apps published by the City Council.

Municipal apps website
Further information on the new strategy

The new strategy on mobile apps consists of the following:

  • Avoiding the creation of native apps where the need can be covered by a responsive website.
  • Preferential use of website apps, which are more universal than native apps and directly accessible from web browsers, without the need to download them, allowing greater respect for the public's technological choices.
  • Unifying current functions in few native apps.
  • Developing apps that can be shared and reused by third parties through free software.
  • Boosting the use of open data, security and privacy.

Presentation of the mobile strategy

If you wish to consult the entire digital strategy you can do so on the Barcelona Digital City website.