18/06/2020 - 19:50

Twenty local facilities to become community centres

Community centres. The municipal investment to condition the twenty facilities is 365,000 euros

09/06/2020 - 13:27

What impact has Covid-19 had on the city's entities?

Indicators. According to a survey carried out by Torre Jussana, 70% of entities have stopped or significantly reduced their activities during the Covid-19 crisis.

04/05/2020 - 16:20

La Veïnal: television created by everyone

Participation. This community television works via a website and provides for the creation of collective participatory videos.

26/03/2020 - 12:57

Extension to the period for submitting proposals for #DecidimPressupostos and #PAM2020

Participation. Given the COVID-19 crisis, the intention is to guarantee people’s well-being and ensure quality and participation in the processes.

20/03/2020 - 18:43

Care of others, mutual support and culture from home in times of COVID-19

COVID-19. The digital space, offered via Decidim Barcelona, details citizen initiatives springing up while people have to stay at home.

15/03/2020 - 14:21

Decree to guarantee essential services during the state of alarm due to Covid-19

Covid-19. The Mayoral Decree signed today following the declaration of the nationwide state of alarm due to Covid-19 guarantees the essential services, including health care, social services, security, public transport and citizen...

13/02/2020 - 07:10

Carnival 2019: A week of Carnival meals, from Maundy Thursday to Ash Wednesday

You can spend practically the whole Carnival week in Barcelona eating and we aim to show you how

Premi 25N - 2019
20/06/2019 - 12:41

Call for the 14th 25 November Award

Women and feminism. Call for the 14th 25 November Award

12/06/2019 - 12:06

B-MINCOME, defined by the WHO as a leading programme to reduce inequalities and improve health

Social Rights. The World Health Organisation has chosen the B-INCOME programme as a leading example in reducing inequalities and improving health.

03/06/2019 - 15:39

Grand celebration of refuge, next to the Besòs river

Awareness. We’re celebrating World Refugee Day on 16 June, a family day to stand up for and celebrate that we are and will continue to be a welcoming city.