The Full Council is the regular meeting of the District Council, the organisation of collective participation and representation for Ciutat Vella. The Mayor appoints a councillor to act as Chair of the Full Council, which consists of councillors elected by proportional representation.

Its main functions are to report on proposals and to propose its own plans and programmes on matters affecting the district.

The ordinary sessions of the Full Council are open to the public and are held every two months. Members of the public can add items to the agenda if they request it in advance.

The Neighbourhood Council is a local participation body for all issues concerning the neighbourhood. It is a meeting place for improving the quality of life in the city and increasing social cohesion.

It consists of district councillors, representatives of political groups, services, entities and associations, and of course, citizens. To participate you must register in the public call for entries.

What do they do?
They talk about plans, projects and actions taking place in the neighbourhood. After reaching agreements, proposals are submitted to the relevant bodies in the City Council for a response.


The Citizen Forum or Public Hearing, at district level, is the meeting on a given date of the municipal representatives with the public, to inform the public and present and discuss proposals relating to a specific public action, activity or programme.

In the case of districts, it is governed by regulations on the functions of district governments, and the regulations of each district.

Public hearings enable all those involved to work as a group and improve the relationships among the public, politicians and civil servants, leading to positive resolutions to conflicts and the demands of the community.

Public hearings are held every two months in different spaces and facilities of the neighbourhoods making up the district.

Decidim.Barcelona is Barcelona City Council’s digital participatory platform for building a more democratic city. A virtual space where we can build an open, transparent and collaborative city where the residents take centre stage.

How can I participate in Decidim.Barcelona?

  • See the participatory processes.
  • Read the most recent, highest rated, most commented or most debated proposals.
  • Filter the content that interests you by variables such as district, subject or tags.
  • Make new proposals.
  • Comment on, share and support existing proposals by the City Council or by citizens.