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What we offer?

The Guardia Urbana of Barcelona is offering you the chance to serve both the city of Barcelona and the public, as follows:

  • Facilitating regular movement of traffic, improving its safety and flow.
  • Assisting the people involved in a road traffic accident and fostering road safety education in order to achieve conduct that conforms to the rules of the road.
  • Ensuring compliance with ordinances and regulations to help achieve a more civic-minded city where administrative requirements are met in public areas, on private property and in establishments.
  • Preventing crimes and offences being committed or helping to gather and preserve evidence of a crime.
  • Protecting determined groups that are in need, and helping the public whenever necessary.

We will perform these tasks by working closely with citizens and in conjunction with other institutions in order to share information and be better equipped to meet citizens demands.

With the Guardia Urbana you can work in the city, in close contact with people