Conversation with Natalie Bookchin and Geert Lovink
Where: Palau de la Virreina
La Rambla, 99

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natalie bookchin

Conversation with Natalie Bookchin and Geert Lovink


Friday 2 March, 5.30 pm. Espai 4
Simultaneous interpreting English-Spanish
Free entrance. Limited places

Natalie Bookchin is an American artist and filmmaker who, through virtuosic editing and innovative sound and visual montage, interrogates the American crisis and its increasing inequality and polarization, as well as the seismic impact of the digital tools and platforms that determine the shape and texture of contemporary life.

Geert Lovink is a Dutch media theorist and critic. He is the founding director of the Institute of Network Cultures. Lovink is the author of Dark Fiber (2002), My First Recession (2003), Zero Comments (2007) and Social Media Abyss: Critical Internet Cultures and the Force of Negation (2016).