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TAPAS. Spanish Design For Food


The exhibition Tapas. Spanish Design for Food, organised by Acción Cultural Española - ACE (Spanish Cultural Action) and the Museu del Disseny de Barcelona/Barcelona Design Museum will open at the museum on 8 March 2017, marking the end of a three-year journey in which the travelling show was presented at such cities as Tokyo, Miami, Washington, Seoul, Toronto and Madrid, among others.

Tapas. Spanish Design for Food explores the interaction between design and food and drink. While not neglecting important popular traditions in Catalan and Spanish design, the show focuses, in the main, on creations from the last 25 years. From the creative collaboration between Ferran Adrià and the industrial designer Luki Huber to classics like Rafael Marquina’s non-drip oil and vinegar bottles, not forgetting such everyday design objects as the porrón wine glass and the paella cooking pan. In Tapas, more than 250 pieces – utensils, gadget, containers, furniture – videos and photographs link the world of material culture to food and drink, history, architecture, and interior, industrial and graphic design.

Curated by the designer and architect Juli Capella, Tapas gives visitors a taste of the contribution made by design to food and drink in three themed sections: The Kitchen; The Table; and Food.
The exhibition will also be accompanied by a full programme of workshops, lectures and parallel activities.

Museu del Disseny de Barcelona/Barcelona Design Museum
From 8 March 2017 to 21 May 2017
Organised by: Acción Cultural Española - ACE (Spanish Cultural Action) and Museu del Disseny de Barcelona
Curator: Juli Capella

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Juli Capella

Exhibition fields

  • The Kitchen

    The kitchen is the work area where food is made, a laboratory where functionality, precision, ergonomics and durability all converge and take pride of place

  • The Table

    The dining-room table is the place where enjoy food, share, and celebrate while having something to eat and drink. The table area is a veritable universe

  • Food

    The exhibition presents food products that feature singular elements from the formal point of view. We can also consider certain foods as industrial products.

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