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Composition, lines and light

Think of an architect and add their passion for photography. Or a photographer passionate about architecture. Mix them with a little creativity and a large desire to share. Finally, "upload it" to Instagram. The result: a selection of 6 architecture instagramers we recommend you follow.

Luís Rodriguez (@luison): 4,762 photographs / 99,239 followers

For this architect, his profession is linked by default to photography. He created his Instagram account just 12 days after it was launched (on October 6, 2010), and his love for street photography led him to create the collective La Calle es Nuestra (The Street is Ours) little more than a year ago.

Roc Isern (@stoptheroc): 704 photos / 145,769 followers

Architectural technician by profession and son of a photographer, five years ago Roc Isern opened his first account on Instagram, with general photographs of buildings, mainly in Barcelona. Later on he started @BarcelonaFacades, focusing on the frontages of buildings. Usually he takes the snapshots using a mirrorless camera, and edits and uploads them straight from his tablet.

Nazaret Sánchez (@nazaret): 627 photos / 145,478 followers

Although she doesn’t specialise in architectural photography, a look at her account on Instagram shows that she likes compositions with buildings. Fanatic of the social network since she started taking photos using one of the first iPhones, this administrator from Tarragona has a great ability for composition, and an obvious weakness for black and white.

Nicanor García (@nicanorgarcia): 3,573 photographs / 736,400 followers

If the number of followers is important to you, the account of this architect and Barcelona photographer is a must. On Instagram since 2012, his photographs don’t belie his profession and, beyond the use of filters, he shows a great command of composition and light.

Sebastian Weiss (@le_blanc): 705 photographs / 206,245 followers

If you like minimalism and compositions that make you wonder how they can have crossed anyone’s mind, you mustn’t miss the images of this German architectural photographer. For some too cold; for others, perfection.

Arxius d’arquitectura (Architectural Archives, @arxiusarquitectura): 1,260 photographs / 18,359 followers

We finish the selection with a collective account, the fruit of a cataloguing and publicising project for architectural and interior design heritage made in Catalonia.

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