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The hidden designs of the Museum

Between the permanent exhibits and the storage rooms, the Museu del Disseny currently houses more than 70,000 pieces relating to design. How do we show all this heritage? Through temporary exhibitions, on-line exhibitions at Google Arts & Culture and now, on social networks, we are unveiling these design objects day by day.

Now, the #dissenyamagat (hidden designs) initiative seeks to make a selection of these objects known through our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts. Graphic design, fashion photography, jewelry design, product design and the graphic arts are just some of the areas that you will see represented.

So far we have presented objects that will have gone unnoticed in your everyday lives, such as the «Arianne» bus seat. Others, more nostalgic, as with the «Valentine» typewriter. And some very curious, such as the socarrats, decorated tiles which served to protect a house’s inhabitants more than 500 years ago.

We look forward to your contributions to the #dissenyamagat initiative!

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