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Mondays will be in fashion with Pedro Rovira

It will only last for four Mondays, but will be very intense. Each Monday, from the 8th to the 29th January, using the hashtag #LunesdeModa on Twitter, we’ll tell you about some of the curious facts surrounding the figure of the fashion designer Pedro Rovira.

The initiative grew out of the «Pedro Rovira, de la alta costura al prêt-à-porter. Col·lecció Antoni de Montpalau» (Pedro Rovira, from haute couture to ready-to-wear) exhibition, which can be seen at the Museo del Traje (Museum of Costume) until 18th February this year. The exhibition aims to publicise the figure and designs of the designer from Badalona, Pere Rovira Planas, better known as Pedro Rovira, the forefather of prêt-à-porter clothing in our country.

Look out for the hashtag #LunesdeModa and follow the Twitter profiles of the Museo del Traje and the Museu del Disseny to find out about and take part in the initiative.


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