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The Museu del Disseny and FAD come together for the “For Love of the Arts” series

Six years ago, the Filmoteca de Catalunya and the National Art Museum of Catalonia launched the series “Per amor a l’art" (For the Love of Art) which, through a selection of films, aimed to establish a dialogue between art and the cinema.

Over the years the proposal has grown with the inclusion of some of the main cultural institutions in Catalonia and it has ended up changing its name to “Per amor a les arts” (For Love of the Arts).  This year the duo formed by the Museu del Disseny and the FAD (Promotion of Decorative Arts), as well as the Joan Miró Foundation, have been added.

A total of 36 films selected through the activities and programming of the participating institutions will be screened at La Filmoteca between 2nd October and 25th June, 2019, every Tuesday at 5.00 pm. The two films we have selected are "Wonderstuck" (29th January, 2019) and "Phantom Thread" (19th March, 2019).

And what’s more, the friends and subscribers of the collaborating institutions can acquire tickets at the special price of 3 euros.

You can check out the " For Love of the Arts " series  programme on the  Filmoteca website.


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