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The Sketchers bring colour to the Museu del Disseny

Over the last the week, the Museum has seen the exhibition rooms filled with Urban Sketchers, leaving in their wake a slew of drawings illustrating the fashion of various periods, pieces from the decorative arts and product design collections and, of course, the architecture of the Museum itself.

The event was organised through Inky Fingers Barcelona, a group of artists who meet weekly in various places throughout the city. These illustrators, both professionals and amateurs, base the creation of their work on the direct observation of spaces, buildings and objects.

The Urban Sketchers international movement was born in the virtual world in 2007 and today has supporters all over the world. Its founder, Gabriel Campanario, is a journalist and illustrator from Barcelona, now resident in Seattle and who works with the media in this North American city.

You can find the complete series of illustrations in the album published by Inky Fingers Barcelona on their Facebook page.

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