Barcelona data Exchange
Barcelona data Exchange

Municipal Data

The Municipal Data Office (OMD) is responsible for the management, quality, governance, analysis and dissemination of Barcelona City Council and all its associated entities data. At the same time, it works to publish high frequency data, which allow the development of public policies based on evidence, the evaluation of municipal actions and, the use of these data, by other institutions, companies and Barcelona citizens.

  • Population Statistics

    The number of registered people in Barcelona breaks a five-year period of smooth growth and turns downwards: the reading of the Register on January the first, places the city's residents at 1,660,314, 6,200 fewer people (0.4%) than the previous year. It is the second highest figure since 1990.


    At territorial level, the data have been preferably treated at the city, district and Basic Statistical Areas (AEB) level, but the information is also available by neighborhoods and census sections.

  • Economic analysis

    In 2020, the Household Available Income (concept that includes the monetary amount that households have to consume or save) in Barcelona would have decreased by -3.6% compared to 2019. The Salary Retribution would decrease by -4.9 % and Mixed Income -7.4%, while Social Benefits may have increased by 13.5%, mitigating the fall in Available Income.



    This experimental statistic (unofficial because new sources of information or methods are being tested), allows a temporary approach to this important concept in addition to having an advance for the year 2020, and also of its main components: Salaries, Benefits and Mixed Income (income from professionals and property).

  • Tourism Statistics

    442,028 tourists have stayed in hotel establishments during August 2021 in Barcelona, representing an increase of 331% compared to the same month in 2020. The median stay was 2.9 nights. Even so, the number of travellers is 43% below 2019 same month's register (prepandemic). Foreign tourists continue to gain positions and already represent 78% of the total.


    In terms of sector profitability indicators, the average daily rate stands at € 101.4 and the average income per room at € 69. Find the data in detail here.