If you like gardening, the Laberint Training Centre is the place for you

Gardening. The programme of training courses for 2016-2017 is now available.

The Laberint Training Centre has now published its programme of training courses in gardening, landscaping and biodiversity for professionals, technical staff and amateur gardeners for the year 2016-2017. You can book a place on the courses via the Laberint Training Centre web page.

The aim of the Laberint Training Centre programme is to disseminate knowledge and to jointly manage gardening and biodiversity with amateur gardeners, technical staff and, generally, anyone who is interested.

The courses on offer for 2016-2017 are divided into long-term courses for amateurs, courses on a specific subject matter and advanced technical courses for professionals.

All the courses take place in the gardens of the Laberint d’Horta and the Tres Pins Municipal Nursery, which are equipped with the machinery and materials needed to deliver high quality theoretical and practical training.

You can now enrol on the courses online, via the Laberint Training Centre web page.

One of the leading centres for gardening, landscaping and biodiversity

The Laberint d’Horta Training Centre is a municipal centre that specialises in gardening and landscaping. It opened in 1993, in the refurbished part of the palace in the gardens of Laberint d’Horta, from where it delivers ongoing training to gardening enthusiasts, as well as professionals and technical staff from the sector.

In order to meet the training needs of the different groups, the Centre offers programmes and methodologies tailored to the needs of each group, incorporating the latest technical and environmental advances.

The Centre offers amateur gardeners a wide range of courses on different subjects, differing in duration and format, that meet the expectations of anyone keen to start learning gardening, gardens and landscaping or to broaden their theoretical and practical knowledge of these under sustainability criteria.

There are also specialist courses on specific subjects at several levels, as well as talks and technical sessions, so that managers, technical staff and professionals working in green spaces and landscape-design in an urban setting can improve their knowledge and skills.

The gardens of Laberint d’Horta, the nurseries, the machines and materials available at the centre, enable it to deliver high quality theoretical and practical training. The prestigious professionals from the City Council and associations of professionals working in green spaces and the business world, and specialists from university and research centres who participate in the training provide students with the benefits of their experience and the technical advances of each specialist area.

Laberint Training Centre Library

The Laberint Training Centre Library, situated next to the Laberint d’Horta park, is one of the leading centres specialising in gardening and landscaping.

Its collection consists of books on various subjects, reference books, periodicals and the technological rules for gardening and landscaping. The library has over 3,304 books and subscribes to 33 specialist magazines.