Comrades of time: Strategies for decolonizing artistic practice
Where: Palau de la Virreina
La Rambla, 99

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Comrades of time: Strategies for decolonizing artistic practice
Tiziano Cruz


Thursday, 29 September, 7 pm
Auditori Lab. Free entry

From 29 August to 3 October 2022, Tiziano Cruz and his company will be installed in the spaces of La Virreina Centre de la Imatge to develop the third part of Family Trilogy, an investigation on the role of the father, mother and siblings within a family structure in a context of social, economic and cultural tragedy in northern Argentina.

In his book Relational Aesthetics, Nicolas Bourriaud argues that “Art is the organization of shared presence between objects, images, and people” and also “a laboratory of living forms that anyone can appropriate”. In this instance of opening our creative processes, we believe it is essential to ask ourselves some very basic questions about our way of working, about what we do: How do we produce a work?, how do we produce materiality?, what are our starting points?, what do we want to say?, what do we want to “make people say, make people see”?

We agree on two fundamental initial points of our practice:

  1. We are not interested in theatrical practice as the development of an art object that can be consumed by the art elite, but rather as the possibility of producing a new organization of the daily social field, an attempt to impact the daily routine and establish new social and community ties, to investigate a common subjectivity.
  2. Every time we start a work process, we start in the form of a banquet. We meet to eat and drink wine around a table, while we talk, share texts, show each other images and write some common text.

Boris Groys says in Going Public that “[…] art is no longer understood as the production of works of art; but as documentation of life-in-the-project, regardless of the outcome [...]. We are interested in artistic production as a means of creating a bond, as a way of sharing a gesture, a moment, a place in space-time. To become, for a while, comrades of time, to invent a friendship (also a silence) towards a common aesthetic...

We propose as an action to invite people to a table with pies from northern Argentina made by us and some bottles of wine, with texts and images of the processes that we’ve been carrying out, in which we’ll share our ways of doing and read small fragments of work.

By Tiziano Cruz, in the company of Rodrigo Herrera, Luciana Iovane, and Rosa Studio.


Tiziano Cruz

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