Con un puñao de detritus. Audiovisual recycling among connected hordes
Where: Palau de la Virreina
La Rambla, 99

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Con un puñao de detritus. Audiovisual recycling among connected hordes
María Cañas

29.11.2016 – 11.01.2017

Monographic presentation
Wednesday 30 November, 7 pm
Virreina LAB

An experimental encounter inspired and activated by videoguerrilla, appropriationism, everything fake, “videomachy” and post-gender, dirty, Martian video re-mix from the hands (or tail) of the Archivist of Seville. At this encounter, we invite the attendees to enjoy an audiovisual journey created by Cañas. We will shake images up and become suspicious of them, so that we can develop into beings that are more critical, savage and creative. It will also be a time to learn more about the processes of appropriationist audiovisual creation and to address countless topics associated with new film narratives since the advance of the Internet.

María Cañas (Seville, 1972), aka the Archivist of Seville, the Terrorist Virgin of the Archive. Audiovisual cannibal and iconoclast, media savage. She has a Degree in Fine Arts, a PhD in Aesthetics and History of Philosophy from the University of Seville, and a Master’s Degree in Postproduction and Digital Television. She runs Animalario TV Producciones, a creation space dedicated to the culture of recycling, appropriationism and art experimentation. Her art has been shown at many national and international festivals, fairs, events, art centres, museums and galleries—including her anthological exhibition entitled “Risas en la oscuridad” (Laughter in the Dark) at the Andalusian Centre for Contemporary Art (CAAC) in Seville (2015)—and has received numerous awards. Her work is a resistance against distraction, in the quest for personal growth and the cultivation of one’s internal fire. A sentence by Bukowski that could come from her lips: “that’s why I wrote: to save my ass, to save my ass from the madhouse, from the streets, from myself.”

Free entry. Limites places