Film presentation of 'Histeria de Cataluña' (Catalonia’s Hysteria)
Where: Palau de la Virreina
La Rambla, 99

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Histèria de Catalunya

Film presentation of 'Histeria de Cataluña' (Catalonia’s Hysteria)
Film screening and talk


Film presentation and talk: Carolina Cabrerizo, Borja Crespo, David Domingo, Gabinete de crisis, Martín Gutiérrez, Roger Lapuente, Sara Tomás, Carlo Padial, Sergi Botella & Mariona Moncunill, Pol Turrents & Carlos J. Marín, Toni Querol and Kikol Grau.
Thursday 19 July, at  7.30 h. Virreina LAB
Free entrance. Limited places
Activity organized in the framework of the exhibition Kikol Grau. Dame pank y dime tonto


An audiovisual amalgam which, carrying on from its predecessor, Histeria de España (Spain’s Hysteria), turns the Catalonia and Spain of the independence process upside down. With Kikol Grau as the film’s Chief Minister and the most irreverent voices from the native landscape (Carlo Padial, María Cañas, etc.) making mischief, it presents recent events and hysterical historic images that are blended into a cocktail that makes for a terrible hangover. It is a choral portrait that is above all ludicrous and tragic, starring figures from popular culture ranging from Alfredo Landa and Heidi, through to Pastis & Buenri, Sergio Ramos and even Top Gun.

Kikol Grau worked at BTV (now betevé) for seven years as director and editor of cultural programmes. During that time he received awards for his programmes POR LA KARA TV and GABINETE DE CRISIS. He subsequently created a television channel on the internet, SI TE HE VISTO NO TE AGUANTO TV, and has worked as an independent director for the TVE programme Metrópolis and for the media and video art distributor Hamaca. His interest in music has led him to create numerous independent videoclips.