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25 years doing side by side
Sindicat de la Imatge (Union of the Image)


Union of the Image
June 18, 2019

Commemorative day of the 25 years of the Image Syndicate, dedicated to the PRESS sector

  • Clemente Bernad explained in a press conference the sentence that sentenced him to a year in prison, as well as the payment of a fine and compensation for "moral damages" as a result of his documentary of historical memory "To his dead" .
  • Companion Marc Sanye presented his report "L'altra frontera", published in L'A núm .67 (1/2019), which will soon be sent to the postal affiliation.
  • Fellow Víctor Serri, Mireia Comas, Isidre Garcia Puntí and Clemente Bernad, exposed the repression that was the subject and discussed different aspects of professional practice, among others, the meaning and utility of visual accreditations.