Double bedroom

Located on the eastern side, this is the sunniest room. It is larger than the single bedroom and overlooks Passeig Torras i Bages. It has a double window with a blind, which ensures privacy as well as keeping out the light. The wooden box that houses the blind is visible inside, as are the lift cords and the mechanism that holds them in place. To keep down costs, neither is recessed.

There is a wardrobe, a bedside table and a bed, all of which have been custom-built according to the ‘Standard GATEPAC Furniture Types’ published in A.C.

The wardrobe, with two doors and sufficient space for storing bed linen, clothes and other belongings, is made using the construction methods of the time. It is divided into two vertical compartments, which are separated by a central support, and is built in the 1930s style using a pine frame with a beech wood overlay and a plywood panel with a 4 mm Guinea wood veneer. The back is tongue and grooved with crossbeams. Adjusting screws are used for joining, and 12 mm dowels for fastening. The doors have a bridle joint frame and a built-in lock that opens directly with the key. The legs are made from curved iron tubing. Machinery from the period was used in the making of the wardrobe, specifically the band saw and the combination machine.

The bed was also custom-made, following A.C. guidelines and using curved tubing, and is accompanied by a chair, hand-woven wool rugs and a bedside table built with tongue-and-groove veneered panel on a pine frame. The drawers have solid beech fronts and are joined by means of rebates. They have round knob handles in nickel-plated brass and the exterior is varnished. The ceiling light is a 1930s glass globe with a simple geometrical shape.