Barcelona Meditarranean Capital. The Medieval Metamorphosis, 13th-15th Centuries

In the 13th century, Barcelona was no longer merely the episcopal city and county capital of earlier centuries. Sustained economic dynamism had fed many decades of physical expansion and population growth, and the city was now home to an increasingly complex society. Barcelona had also achieved political centrality, because the feudal lineage that lorded over the city had become a royal house that was forcefully increasing its domains, even seawards. The ruling elite was, moreover, about to gain increased influence and autonomy in managing the city’s interests, negotiating the creation of the first municipal regime with the king. Barcelona’s boundaries would extend from Montgat hill to Mount Montjuic, and twelve leagues into the sea.


Booklet 'Barcelona Meditarranean Capital. The Medieval Metamorphosis, 13th-15th Centuries'
Booklet 'La conquesta del litoral, del segle XX al segle XXI'


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