Music at parks

Concert series "Music at parks"

Every year the city green areas are filled with music thanks to the traditional festival "Music in the Parks". This summer concert series was born more than fifteen years ago with the aim of bringing quality music to all audiences and encourage the presence of young performers. At the same time, it is aimed at enhance parks possibilities as areas for living together and leisure activities on evenings and summer nights too.

These free summer concerts in city gardens and parks include classical music and jazz sessions. The series begin with an opening concert in June by some special band and offer concerts every week until the end of August, when a closing concert closes the event.

The event is organised by Barcelona City Council in collaboration with the districts and other municipal bodies. The 2016 edition saw over twelve thousand people attending the programme's 47 free concerts in 27 of the city's green spaces. The event's main new feature consisted of pre-concert visits to several parks, an activity that allowed more than two hundred people to discover these unique spaces.

Call for young performers of classical music and jazz to enter the selection process for the 2017 “Music in the Parks” programme

A jury specially appointed to choose the best will be selecting musicians from young groups and soloists for some of the programme's concerts. So, if you are a musician, student or professional, come along and take part!

Terms and Conditions for the competition:

The competition is open to soloists and quartets, indeed to any type of group with a maximum of four musicians. Candidates can be singers or performers of any instrument.

All the musicians must be at least 16 years old and under the age of 35 for the duration of the programme (born between 1 June 1982 and 1 June 2001). Musicians who come from outside the EU will have to have a foreign-resident ID number (NIE) and a current work permit.

The selection will be made by a qualified jury, whose members will soon be revealed.

The selection will be made from a maximum of 18 groups, ranging from classical music to jazz, that will be playing 2 concerts each, on the proposed dates. The concerts will be held in Barcelona's parks and gardens from Monday to Friday over the months of June, July and August.

The organisers will not be providing any sound system, amplifier or instrument, except for a piano, where requested. Power sockets will be available on each stage.

Soloists will be paid €200 per concert and each performer in a group (up to a quartet) €140 per concert.

Documents to be submitted:

1. A cover sheet stating clearly the following information: name of the artist/group, contact details of the manager of the artist / group (name, address, email, contact phone numbers) and an orderly list of the documents you are supplying, including the name and composer of each of the 3 pieces on the recording.

2. The CV of the artist/group and each of the member musicians making up the group and who will be performing the concerts.

3. A copy of each musician's ID (DNI) / Foreign national ID (NIE) / Passport

4. The repertoire,which is performed live, will last one hour without an interval.

5. Digital-format recording lasting at least 10 minutes and exclusively on video, with a minimum of 3 pieces of the repertoire performed by the same group being presented, without any variation in its make-up.

The proposal will only be valid where all the required documents are submitted

Submission deadline:
Friday 28 April 2017, at 2 pm

In person or by ordinary post to any municipal registry
Or by email to

Results of the selection:
Friday 19 May, 2017

For any clarification or further information, please contact us at