Music in the Parks

Every year the city’s green spaces fill with music thanks to the now traditional “Music in the Parks” festival. This series of summer concerts started more than fifteen years ago with the aim of offering quality music for all sectors of the public and boosting the presence of young musicians. At the same time, the initiative aims to build on the potential of parks as recreational and community spaces on summer evenings.

This series of free summer concerts in the city’s gardens and parks, organised by Barcelona City Council with the collaboration of the districts and other municipal organisations, includes different styles of music, such as classical, jazz and others. The series begins with an opening concert in June, with a one of a kind performance, and will offer concerts every week until the end of August, when a closing concert will end the series.

Music in the Parks 2018

A year on and you can once again enjoy the Music in the Parks series of concerts, which is aimed at promoting the city’s gardens as recreational and community spaces on summer evenings. The artists offering the classical music and jazz concerts are groups of young performers chosen for the quality of their music.

In a city like Barcelona, green spaces are urban lungs which, besides providing leisure and recreational sites, help to regulate the temperature and reduce noise pollution. They are also the habitat of varied flora and fauna.

To promote the social and environmental benefits of parks and gardens, we are keeping the number of pre-concert guided tours this year, one in each district to be precise. There’s also a chance to discover La Fàbrica del Sol, the sustainability centre in the Parc de la Barceloneta. That means you will be able to widen and deepen your knowledge of the history, biodiversity and even curious features of these sites which are bound to amaze you.

The concerts will run from 2 June to 30 August and be taking part in World Music Day, offering a special concert on 21 June at a very special venue: the former La Model prison.

Opening concert

The Sey Sisters

A new edition of the series gets under way in the Parc de la Barceloneta at 9 pm on 2 June, with a performance from The Sey Sisters, a trio of female singers who will be inviting you on a musical journey with songs full of deep emotion, many about the struggle against injustice, the defence of human rights and the hope of the future.

Offering a fusion of gospel and African spirit, these sisters have been delighting audiences all around the globe with their incredible voices, combining rhythm, contagious energy, music, an unquestionable talent and passion.

Their set reflects their origins, the present and hope of a better future. Sharing the stage with the pianist and sax player Albert Bartolomé, they offer a magnificent circle of positive energy and fresh air which defines their shows.

The Sey Sisters offer us a show where voice, soul and songs for freedom take centre stage. Starting with gospel, delving into traditional music from Ghana and drawing on soul, the trio have a varied repertoire which also includes some of their own compositions.

Guided tours

A year on and once again the experience of enjoying  great concerts in green spaces will be enhanced with greater knowledge of the parks and gardens the concerts are to be performed in.

In June and July that means pre-concert guided tours in some locations, the idea being to discover the hidden history and wealth of the city's many parks and gardens, providing participants with a more complete experience. Places are limited and so you will need tobook in advance with La Fàbrica del Sol.

2 June at 7 pm
Guided tour to La Fàbrica del Sol
Come along to the Parc de la Barceloneta and discover the sustainability centre.
Meeting point: Entrance to La Fàbrica del Sol, at Pg. Salvat Papasseit 1.

Call for musicians 2018

Barcelona City Council has already held the selection process for young classical and jazz musicians to play in this year’s series. The competition was open to any type of group with up to four musicians, from soloists to quartets. Other performers who were also able to take part included singers and players of any musical instrument.

The musicians had to be between the ages of 16 and 35, and were selected by a qualified jury who chose a maximum of 18 groups, each of which will be performing two converts. The concerts will take place in several of Barcelona's parks and gardens, Mondays to Fridays, over the months of June, July and August.

The deadline for submitting applications was 20 April 2018.

The competition's winners were decided on Thursday 17 May: