Bus network

To put an orthogonal network of buses into operation that would complement, together with the trams, the city's ground-level public transport service, Barcelona City Council is launching several urban planning and signage initiatives to be implemented in several stages. Four of the five stages planned have so far been implemented, enabling the opening of 16 new lines from 2012 to 2016.

Barcelona City Council understands that the benefits of a high-performance Bus Network, complete and coordinated with conventional local and neighbourhood lines, relate to their full deployment. That is why it is considered crucial to implement it as fast as the municipal and TMB technical and operational resources allow.

The decision to complete the Bus Network goes hand in hand with the aim to work jointly with the public to achieve these landmarks, for which purpose a broad, city-level participatory process is opening, to define how the remaining lines are to be introduced. The goal is to work with local residents and associations to analyse the technical proposal with all the remaining lines and then to enable the entire deployment once the process has ended and the collective contributions have been gathered.

The orthogonal Bus Network lines currently in service are: D20, H6, H12, V7 i V21 (October 2012); H8, H10, H16, V3 and V17 (November 2013); H14, V15 and V27 (September 2014); H4, V11, V13 (February 2016).

From November 2016 to March 2017, a process of information and debate was carried out on the last phase of implementation of the network, which will provide the city with an efficient and quality bus service, which is expected to conclude between autumn 2017 and the autumn of 2018.


high-performance bus lines in service


daily validations


of Barcelona’s bus demand


More frequent arrivals, every 5-8 minutes on work days from 7 am to 9 pm.


Less waiting and travel time.


Greater regularity and reliability of service.


Easier to use.


Greater connectivity and coverage.


Better statistical and dynamic passenger information, both at stops and on vehicles.