Marina del Prat Vermell

Marina del Prat Vermell is one of Barcelona's brand new neighbourhoods, a territory that had historically depended economically on agriculture and livestock and which is currently experiencing rapid growth.

The installation of the new trade-fair grounds and the district's D38 business project, among other things, are making the area one of the city's most important sectors when it comes to the dynamics of urban development and planning.

The City Council’s Municipal Government Commission gave its approval in December 2015 for the urban planning of Marina del Prat Vermell's central green area, which will become an authentic green space for the neighbourhood, boasting a large central 20,000m2 park with areas for resting and strolling in.

The park will consist of 5 interconnected spaces and a resting and games area, a central square, a sloping garden, a sustainable urban drainage system (SUDS) garden and a fifth space called the “prat gran” (big meadow).

The project contains suggestions from the Eduard Aunós Local Residents’ Association and is the result of a participatory process involving La Marina del Prat Vermell's residents and young people.

20,886 m2

of areas for resting and strolling in


interconnected spaces


Working for a quality and accessible public space for everyone, to alleviate housing inadequacies and the lack of facilities, and to foster its centrality and accessibility.


Sorting out mobility and connection inadequacies between neighbourhoods.