The aim is to calm traffic along Av Meridiana and reclaim it as an urban road for the citizens and local residents of the neighbourhoods crossing and connecting it, turning it into a civic hub in the city along its section between Plaça de les Glòries and the Trinitat junction.

Transforming Meridiana into a green avenue where vegetation, children’s leisure spaces and urban mobility invite the public to experience it instead of being perceived as a barrier dividing up neighbourhoods.

The changes will have to include traffic calming as well as the necessary measures to prioritise and facilitate the use of public transport, separate bike lanes and reclaim pavements for pedestrians.

It will also require a comprehensive change to the street lights, the layout of urban furniture, children's recreation areas and the current green areas, to help make the avenue more human and more welcoming.

To that end and for the purposes of working alongside the associations, strategies and criteria intended for guiding the future intervention, a Participatory Board has been set up for the Av Meridiana project, which groups together political, professional and local-resident representatives.


Once the round table has been created for launching and leading the participatory process, the necessary executive projects will have to be commissioned for implementing the proposal agreed to.