• CHARGE YOURSELF WITH ENERGY: dismantling gas and electricity bills http://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/lafabricadelsol/sites/default/files/20181213_desmuntant_factures.jpg
  • Recuina, repensa i no llencis res http://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/lafabricadelsol/sites/default/files/dtlxpxwxcaafk3a_1.jpg
  • Water, citizenship, Barcelona: perspectives & prospects http://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/lafabricadelsol/sites/default/files/xerrades_1200x628_1.jpg
  • New Urban Mobility Plan 2019-2024 http://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/lafabricadelsol/sites/default/files/banner_1015x667_2_1.jpg
  • Clap down and action! Environmental films cycle http://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/lafabricadelsol/sites/default/files/banners-cinema-ambiental-1200x628_1.jpg
  • Community composting reaches Barceloneta http://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/lafabricadelsol/sites/default/files/compostcomunitari2_1.jpg


Fri, 12/07/2018 - 14:48

Solid commitment from cities to combat climate change

Climate change. A network initiative by cities is being presented at the 24th United Nations Climate Change Conference.

drets energètics

Fri, 11/30/2018 - 15:35

Thirteen cases against Endesa for non-compliance with the energy poverty law

Energy rights. The company faces fines totalling 430,000 euros.

Fri, 10/26/2018 - 16:03

More efficient waste collection which adapts to each neighbourhood

Waste. The new cleaning contract will be more flexible and transparent, applying new social and environmental criteria. It comes into force in the autumn of 2020.

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Services of "La Fàbrica del Sol"

The municipal center of reference for environmental education in Barcelona offers many services related to urban sustainability.

  • Activities registration

    Three times a year a four-month program of free activities for adults and families is offered and a program of environmental education activities and for sustainability in Ciutat Vella.

  • How Does Barcelona Work?

    A program of activities to know first hand different facilities and spaces that show the environmental management of the city and its districts.

  • Resolution of public consultations

    Directly and personally attention to answer questions about sustainability issues.

  • Material lending service

    La Fàbrica del Sol offers a free service of cession of spaces and lending of materials for entities, groups and citizenship.

  • Monthly newsletter

    La Fàbrica del Sol sends a monthly newsletter with information of activities, news and events in Barcelona..