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Five apps to express your creativity

Graphic designers, illustrators, architects and typographers: we offer you a selection of five mobile applications to maximize your creations and designs.


Everything starts with an outline. And if you are not one of those nostalgic for Moleskine and paper, why not use the Concepts app to create a design? Ideal for architects, product designers and illustrators.

From paper to tablet instantly

And speaking of a nostalgia for paper, Moleskine has just thought about you too. Just using an app, you can happily draw on paper while, as if by magic, your design appears on your tablet.

In the search for colour

Maybe you do not have your computer at hand to use the Photoshop dropper tool. If you find yourself in this situation, you should download Capture CC which will tell you the colour code of an image. Also the texture, shape, pattern and material.

What typeface is it?

A few days ago, we launched our #quinatipoés (which font) competition: with What the Font you can find out what typeface you have seen on any poster, publication or screen. A simple photo will allow you, similar to the well-known Shazam app, to be inspired by new typefaces.


Create your own typeface

If you've been inspired by other fonts, it's time to create your own. FaceFont is an Argentine project created by and aimed at designers. A complete reference work for digital typography!

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