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A visit by the experts

The TAPAS. Spanish Design for Food exhibit is leaving us with some very good times and the bloggers’ gathering was one of them.

The culinary bloggers of the city met at the Design Museum to see the presentation of Juli Capellas, the curator of the exhibit. They went through three areas: the COOKING, the TABLE and EATING in a guided tour where they discovered what they did not yet know about tapas.

Furthermore, they explained it in their blogs and, as commented by Jana from Roda el món i torna al Born, they were surprised that the design was very present and it did not fall into the trap of the “tourist cliché” but that “it was really worth it”.

For Conxita from Barcelona en Horas de Oficina, the same thing happened to her, and she believed that TAPAS is not a title that does it justice because “eating is not the protagonist, but a secondary player".

The visit ended, as if it could have ended any other way, with a tasting of the tapas that Sauleda Catering creates every week and which you can enjoy in the Cafeteria of the museum.

Which one surprised you the most? Nuria Tejedor from Blog Hedonista was very certain about this: the exclusive tapa of the exhibit. Macaroons with a brandade of cod, olive paste and pistachios.

Hurry up because there are only a few days left! And when the experts say that you cannot miss this... you’d better believe it!

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