Accessibility declaration of:Metropolis

Accessible content

  • Audiovisual texts

    Audiovisual texts with relevant information are subtitled.

  • Colour contrast

    The website’s visual features (font type, text colour and background) have been defined using the style sheet. It is required to follow the accessibility guidelines for the contrast ratio on double AA level.

  • Forms

    The forms contain the correct labels and associated controls.

  • Language

    The language on the webpages is correctly indicated.

  • Text images

    Except for logos or trademark images, content is generally configurable because text images are avoided.

  • Language style

    The language style is simple and suitable for its target audience.

  • Viewing audiovisual texts

    Audiovisual players are accessible to users on any type of device, keyboard users and people with vision impairment.

  • Social networks

    Social media plug-ins are accessible and have text alternatives.