Creativity, Innovation and “firefighter ideas”!

The daily work of a firefighter is precisely to live in the “non-everyday”. In the fire stations the training allows the intervention teams to be in optimal conditions and to the rest of the staff, giving the necessary support that requires a demanding day to day. It is a task that requires planning and also a capacity for constant reaction to a reality raising new challenges for each service. Fortunately, the firefighters have always been known for their great inventive ! Firefighter Ideas? Let’s see where they come from …

  • The “Mútua”

  • Mary Santpere: honorary firefighter

  • The fire trucks 2

  • ¡Alarma! magazine

  • Escombreras Oil refinery

  • The International Exhibition of 1929

  • Barcelona Racord

  • The health service

  • Attack on Hipercor

  • The heavy snowfall of 1962

  • Lights on!

  • Acrobatic gymnastics

  • The Fire Laboratory

  • A human service

  • When I grow up I want to be a Firefighter

  • Fire trucks 1

  • Objects with history: The Liceu (Opera House)

  • The Genoveva

  • To be in a good shape

  • The helmet

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