The superislands project is a city program promoted by the Town Council of Barcelona that has the objective of redefining the city from a new unit or urban cell: the superisland. This is a greater unit than a block of buildings but smaller than a neighbourhood. The design and planning of these superislands are based in six big groups of objectives:

- Strengthen more sustainable mobility.

- Revitalize the public space.

- Promote biodiversity and urban green.

- Improve the urban social fabric and social cohesion.

- Encourage self-sufficiency in the use of resources.

- Integration of processes of governance.

Superislands plan considers humanizing public space, giving more importance to pedestrians, bicycles and public transport to create a space of neighbouring cohabitation.

Currently, the pilot test of Poblenou superisland has already been passed and moves forward towards its definitive implantation plan. Les Corts superisland it’s fully established, but the global planning is much wider because contemplate to establish a superisland in every district of Barcelona and, with this vision, research and pilot tests have been made in different neighbourhoods of the city like Horta, Sants, Camp del Grassot and many other.

If you want to know about a superisland from a very special point of view, inform yourself about the activity of the program How Barcelona Works? The beats of the neighbourhoods: sound superisland: Route for the sound landscape of the Superisland of Les Corts.

And if you want to be informed about the locations and the studies carried out on the future superislands of the city you can consult the following links.