Reading Images: Film Poetry and Poetry in Film
Where: Palau de la Virreina
La Rambla, 99

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Derrida filming from house Laguna Beach California, lectors imatges

Reading Images: Film Poetry and Poetry in Film
Safaa Fathy and María Virginia Jaua

22.03.2017 – 30.03.2017

Safaa Fathy and María Virginia Jaua
Wednesday 22, Thursday 23, Friday 24,
Tuesday 28, Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 March
6.30 pm

Languages: The sessions may be held simultaneously in French, Spanish and English
Virreina LAB
Free entry. Limited places

The inspiration behind this course was the desire to review and analyse three forms of expression of a type of cinema or film production that has been difficult to classify and analyse over the last few decades. When the oldest form of literature and the newest image art come together, at least three forms of expression occur: the cinema of poetry, the cinepoem, and what we we will call poets on film: This course is aimed at writers, filmmakers, students, etc.

Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 March
The cinema of poetry

Friday 24 and Tuesday 28 March
The Cinepoem

Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 March
Poets in film

Safaa Fathy was born in Egypt. She obtained her PhD from the Sorbonne in 1993. She was a programme director at the International College of Philosophy (2010-2016). She is a poet, filmmaker and essayist. Her most recent films are Mohammad Saved from the Waters and Derrida’s Elsewhere. She also makes film poems, such as Nom à la mer and Hidden Valley. Jacques Derrida, with whom she wrote a book, Tourner les mots. Au bord d’un film, prefaced her plays Terror and Ordeal. Her latest published collections of poems are A Name in a Bottle at the Sea and Revolution, a Wall We Cross. Her most recent essays are Scream, See and BelieveThe Secret in the ImageOn Friendship and Écrire sans tuer personne.

Maria Virginia Jaua, a Venezuelan and Mexican born in Madrid, is a writer and editor. She has published the novel Idea de la ceniza (Periférica, 2015) and the books México: ensayo de un mito (Fundación Iberdrola, 2016) and El cristal se venga: textos, artículos e iluminaciones by José Luis Brea (Jumex - RM, 2014). She made the film essay Las 3 eras based on the book Las tres eras de la imagen (Akal, 2010). She is currently editor of the magazine of image criticism and analysis Campo de relámpagos.

Derrida Safaa Fathy, synagogue Toledo
lectors imatges

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