Reading Images: The Spectator’s Perspective. Thinking with Contemporary Images
Where: Palau de la Virreina
La Rambla, 99

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Reading Images: The Spectator’s Perspective. Thinking with Contemporary Images
Andrea Inzerillo and Andrea Soto Calderón


Andrea Inzerillo, introduction by Andrea Soto Calderón
Friday 27 October, 19 h.
Free entrance, limited places. Virreina LAB

There is a long line of thinking that regards activities linked to the spectator and the spectacle as impoverished experiences, as if images were something towards which we are passive: “a simulacrum that we take as real; an idol that we take to be the true God; a spectacle in which we are alienated; commodities to which you sell your soul”. Taking the spectator as our starting point, and drawing a connection between texts and images, we aim to reflect on what it is to think with images; on the way we see images; and on the renewal of the contemporary love of film and its potential political charge.

It is also our intention to question the ordinary praise of depth and to champion appearances. We are keen to ponder not so much on what it is we ought to see in images or what we do not see in images, but instead on what we do or can do with the images we see. We are interested in exploring this position that establishes new contracts between the spectator and what he looks at, while at the same time exploring its limits.

Within the framework of the research into the Performativity of Images that we have been conducting in Virreina Lab, we have invited Andrea Inzerillo to discuss these problems that we have been working on for some time.


Andrea Inzerillo holds a PhD awarded by the University of Calabria (Italy) and is an independent researcher. He is the director of Sicilia Queer Filmfest, the Sicilian festival of queer cinema, and a literary translator and cultural activist. He is one of the authors of the volume Falsi Raccordi. Cinema e filosofia in Deleuze (2007). He has reflected for many years on film and philosophy and has had pieces published in a number of Italian and international magazines.

Andrea Soto Calderón holds a PhD and is currently researching the relationship between the image and fiction at the University of Paris VIII. She currently teaches aesthetics and the theory of art. Her research focuses on the transformations of the aesthetic experience in contemporary culture, artistic enquiry, the study of the image and the media, as well as the relationship between aesthetics and politics.

‘Lo zio di Brooklyn’, de Daniele Ciprì i Franco Maresco, 1995
Still from the film Les Sièges de l’Alcazar, directed by Luc Moullet, 1989
Serge Daney
Photograph of Serge Daney