• School pre-enrolment for the 2018-2019 school year

    Consult the calendar on the school pre-enrolment process. From 13 to 24 April.

  • “T'estiu molt” 2018

    Check out the full information on the registration process for activities for children, teenagers and young people aged 1 to 17 over the summer holidays.

  • Impulsamos lo que haces

    The second call opens for grant and subsidy applications for funding projects with strong ties to the territory that promote employment, entrepreneurship and enterprise, the creation of new economic activity, responsible tourism, community economies and social and digital innovation. Applications can be presented from 19 April to 25 May.

  • Call for subsidy and grant applications to promote and boost the social and solidarity economy for 2018

    Application submission period, from 10 April to 9 May.

  • The hope of adoption

    There are dogs that have been on the streets and are now waiting for a home. Let’s not make them wait any longer. Find out more.

  • Find your nearest local study room

    Barcelona’s study rooms are to have extra room and places from 7 May to 22 June, to accompany you as you prepare for your exams. Check out the rooms you will find in each district and their opening hours.

  • Property tax (IBI)

    The payment period for the property tax (IBI) ends on 2 May. If you prefer to pay by direct debit, payment will be debited from your account on 4 June. See full information.

  • Nou Altell Il·lustrat

    Come along to the Sala Ciutat between now and September to discover the new large-format art display created by Lalalimola for the Altell Il·lustrat.

  • La Model opens up to the city

    As from 26 January, La Model will be opening its doors every Friday from 3 pm to 8 pm and every Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm. The public will also be able to visit the new interior yard, a green space which will be open from Mondays to Saturday, from 10 am to 7 pm.

  • Regaining Les Rambles for people and the city

    Let’s rethink Les Rambles from an overall physical and social perspective, built with diverse visions and community cooperation, regaining the avenue as a place for public life.

  • Taxpayer’s guide and calendar 2018

    You can now view the calendar for tax payments and municipal public pricing. This year the payment dates have changed for the property tax, for vehicle tax and for driveway entrance permits.

  • Festival Brot 2018

    Enjoy live music by young musicians you can find around the city from 6 April to 5 May. Not to be missed!

Avís contaminació per PM10

23/04/2018 - 11:26h

Activation of preventative warning stage for high levels of PM10

Pollution. Municipal services are taking preventative measures, such as more intense watering down of streets and avoiding the use of air blowers.

22/04/2018 - 10:39h

New intermunicipal e-platform for public procurement

Contractació. The system is to be jointly introduced with the municipal councils of Girona, Gavà, Granollers, Terrassa, Mataró and Premià de Mar.

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  • Economy and Employment, Digital City and International Relations
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    • Business and Promotion of the City
    • Tourism
    • Strategic Planning and Budget
    • Social and Solidarity Economy
    • Memory Programmes
    • International Relations
    • Technology and Digital Innovation
    • Commerce and Markets
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  • Social Rights
    • Social Services
    • People with disabilities
    • Senior citizens
    • Children
    • Public health
    • Education
    • Housing
    • Vulnerable people
    • Adolescents and Youth
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  • Citizens' Rights, Culture, Participation and Transparency
    • Transparency
    • Participation
    • Immigration
    • Sport
    • Local facilities
    • Feminism and LGTBI
    • Citizen rights and diversity
    • Culture
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  • Ecology, Urban Planning and Mobility
    • Environment
    • Mobility and transport
    • Urban Services
    • Urban Planning
    • Infrastructures
    • Public works
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  • Safety and Prevention
    • Safety
    • Prevention
    • Mediation
    • City Police
    • Firefighters
    • Civil Protection
    • Self-protection
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