• Pre-enrolment at public adult-education centres

    The pre-enrolment process at Barcelona’s public adult-education centres (CFA) starts on Monday, 18 June and finishes on Tuesday, 26 June.

  • Financial aid for owners and tenants with few financial resources

    We’ll help you with paying your property tax (IBI) and rent. The application-submission deadline is from 15 June to 31 July.

  • “Let’s share Barcelona”

    Barcelona is for everyone because it doesn’t belong to anyone. We have the right to enjoy it, to live together here, with respect and joy. Live and let live!

  • More lines for a more connected city

    The new bus network is to be expanded on 25 June 2018 with the incorporation of three new lines: the D50, the V9 and the V33.

  • Sant Joan 2018

    Check out all the information on the Sant Joan celebrations in the city.

  • APROP display

    Come and get a close up look at the new APROP temporary local housing units. From 9 June to 29 July in the Jardins d’Elisava, next to the Disseny Hub Barcelona

  • Thanks for being responsible

    Don’t drive under the effects of alcohol, drugs or medicines. Zero drugs and zero alcohol at the wheel.

  • Parlen els nens i nenes

    The Parlen els nens i nenes [Children Speak] programme is one of the city’s tools for finding out about and improving the well-being of its children based on their visions and opinions.

  • Let’s make way for greenery

    Urban greenery is not just a wealth of vegetation and botanical biodiversity but a medium for animal biodiversity too

  • Subsidies for the self-employed

    Barcelona City Council, through Barcelona Activa, is launching a new round of subsidies for the self-employed, intended to help cover overheads in their first year of activity. Up until 30 June.

  • Music in the Parks 2018

    Music is filling the city’s green spacesthanks to the traditional Music in the Parks festival.

  • 2018 Grec Festival

    If you fancy enjoying a special summer night with the best in theatre, we’ll be seeing you at the Grec!

  • Services for young people

    Discover the full catalogue of services that Barcelona Activa offers the city’s young people.

  • The City Council is allocating a series of grants and subsidies to sports-facility renovation

    Private sports facilities managed by non-profit organisations are being offered financial aid through this call for grant and subsidy applications.

  • Find your nearest local study room

    Barcelona’s study rooms are to have extra room and places from 7 May to 22 June, to accompany you as you prepare for your exams. Check out the rooms you will find in each district and their opening hours.

  • Regaining Les Rambles for people and the city

    Let’s rethink Les Rambles from an overall physical and social perspective, built with diverse visions and community cooperation, regaining the avenue as a place for public life.

19/06/2018 - 10:59h

Barcelona, Cádiz, Madrid, Pamplona and Zaragoza combine to promote the energy transition

Energy. Barcelona, Cádiz, Madrid, Pamplona and Zaragoza combine to promote the energy transition.

18/06/2018 - 20:41h

The proposal to set aside 30% of new flats for protected housing moves forward

Urban planning. The measure is the result of an initiative by social entities standing up for the right to housing.

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