We take part in the European Forum on the Protection of Public Spaces

The EU forum “Union of Reinforced Security Perspectives” is being held today in Brussels. The municipal Directorate for Prevention Services explained the European SPIRIT project and its importance in the sphere of security in religious spaces.

Vista aèria general de la ciutat de Barcelona i la Via Laietana.
05/12/2023 - 11:32 h - Security and prevention Ajuntament de Barcelona

The goal is to better prepare public spaces to tackle possible terrorist threats (EU Action Plan for the Protection of Public Spaces and Anti-Terrorist Agenda 2020). To this end, the various operators involved will be taking part in a hybrid format, including private and public bodies, to make the exchange of ideas and strategies as rich as possible.

The forum includes a specific section on private security and will also address current topics such as potential threats from drones. EU-funded projects will also be presented, including the SPIRIT project, which Barcelona City Council is taking part in.

The goal of this project, which ends in April 2025, is to develop a dynamic and operative platform that identifies vulnerabilities, suggests scenarios for specific threats and provides recommendations to mitigate these in places of worship and religious gatherings.

Held in June, the last forum offered a chance to share visions on private security, the influence of the far right in the media, the role of women in building peace, the perception of terrorist threats and more, with todays’ meeting looking to go into further detail on these debates.

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