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¿Quieres programar alguna actividad antirumor en tu barrio?
Tu entidad, servicio, equipamiento, centro educativo... puede pedir gratuitamente actividades del nuevo Catálogo Antirumores
Vídeos a l'aula per reflexionar sobre la convivència des de la diversitat
Els 31 vídeos s'han realitzat en el marc del programa "Aula Mòbil", que enguany ha comptat amb la col·laboració del Programa BCN Interculturalitat
Aura Lolita Chávez
Entrevista amb Aura Lolita Chávez Ixcaquic, presidenta del Consell de Pobles K’iche’
L'Espai Avinyó va parlar amb l’activista maya abans de la seva la conferència “La defensa del medi ambient des de la mirada del Bon Viure dels pobles indígenes”.
Nuevo Catálogo de Exposiciones interculturales
Recopilación de 8 exposiciones a disposición gratuita de entidades, equipamientos, centros educativos... de la ciudad
Imatge de voluntàries de la Xarxa
Infórmate de las diferentes maneras de colaborar con la Xarxa BCN Antirumors
A través de un sencillo formulario on line puedes sumarte, a título individual o como entidad, al millar de miembros que forman part de la red
Aura Lolita Chávez
Imatge de voluntàries de la Xarxa


03/09/2018 - 11:19

"Feel like a drop, feel like water", story telling with Raimon Panikkar

Inês Castel-Branco introduces us to the work of the Catalan philosopher, through his book "The Drop of Water"

10/07/2018 - 11:45

Six months full of activities as part of the #AturemRumors campaign

The #AturemRumors campaign run by the #XarxaBCNAntirumors network began on 18 April. Dozens of people have taken part and it was a trending topic on networks.

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Barcelona Anti-Rumour Strategy

Through co-leadership with the Barcelona Anti-Rumour Network, we generate tools, activities and opportunities for reflection in order to dispel rumours and false stereotypes that stigmatise our culturally diverse neighbours and hamper living together in equality.

Rumours and anti-rumours

Data and arguments for dispelling rumours and false stereotypes about our culturally diverse neighbours

Barcelona Anti-Rumour Network

Organisations, facilities, services, individual people and others working together against rumours and stereotypes. Will you join us?

Catalogue of Anti-Rumour Activities

A set of proposals free-of-charge for bringing intercultural and anti-rumour reflection into the neighbourhoods. Request an activity! 

Promoting interculturality

All the latest news about intercultural projects promoted or supported by Barcelona City Council and developed by the Barcelona Interculturality Programme as well as social agents such as organisations, districts, public facilities, services, and so on.

Barcelona Asia Choir

Choir of about fifty people of 24 different nationalities and with a plurilingual musical repertoire.

With Community Centres

All community proposals led by Community Centres striving to bring interculturality to the neighbourhoods.

Neighbourhoods in action

The Barcelona Interculturality Programme works side by side with the neighbourhood or district chosen, to improve living together in diversity. 

Espai Avinyó

A meeting point for highlighting the contributions to the city by Barcelona residents, regardless of their cultural background. Also organises activities for people learning Catalan to foster greater awareness of everybody's Barcelona.

Quarterly programme

Cultural proposals open to all, that create spaces for meeting, reflection and dialogue while highlighting and valuing the contributions cultural diversity makes to the city.

The exhibition at L'Espai

Exhibitions, whether travelling or at the CNL on Avinyó 52, usea variety of formats to highlight interculturality as a model for living together, social cohesion and building the city as a joint effort.

Registering for activities

City walks, guided tours, workshops... Check here for all free activities requiring registration for this quarter and book your choice now. 

Training and resources

All the latest news about intercultural and anti-rumour training courses organised by the Barcelona Interculturality Programme. Also available here are the materials generated by these training courses and by other actions for promoting interculturality.

Intercultural training

We provide tools for introducing action from an intercultural perspective gradually into different areas and sectors.

Anti-rumour agent training course

Learn to dispel rumours and false stereotypes about cultural diversity in the city, through dialogue and reflection. 

Intercultural screen

View and share audiovisual resources: anti-rumour activity clips, videos against racism and discrimination, talks...