Research into planning, qualifications and agreements

Information on planning via remote electronic channels is governed by Articles 17.2(d) and 3, 23 and the First Additional Provision of Decree 305/2006, of 18 July 2006, approving the Urban Planning Act Regulation. With regard to management instruments, Article 23 of the aforementioned text likewise applies to the opening of public information terms.

This section includes the programme of research in the fields of planning and qualifications (for the purpose of information rather than establishing regulations). The database includes, where relevant, the urban planning agreements. The content of each section and the consultation sections may be found in the various help sections marked with a question mark (?). The initial approvals of planning instruments are highlighted in a section of the search engine, for the purpose of the announcement of public information and opening of the consultation term, "Latest initial approvals", recording the BOP publication date. The public planning information term is one month, unless otherwise specified in the instrument in question.

Consult the Cartographical Information Point for the plan code and urban planning qualification.

The full hard-copy versions of planning and management instruments and agreements may be consulted at the Department of Information and Urban Planning Documentation.



The Urban Planning Information Website is to start operating shortly, offering a single tool containing the information currently available via the Planning Search Tool, the Heritage Search Tool and the Cartographic Information Point PIC). The new portal replaces these three tools, which will no longer be available once the new site becomes operative.

Besides allowing information to be viewed, the new site means better access and improved browsing, with a mobile version also available. The ETRS 89 cartographic base has also been updated and land plots adapted to meet European standards, with planning laws currently in force being added.


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