Electric Vehicle Master Plan

Ajuntament de Barcelona is promoting a strategic line for the introduction of electric vehicles (EVs) in the city, promoting sustainable mobility, as well as progress in improving air quality reducing pollutant emissions and consumption of fossil sources for the benefit of urban life. Electric mobility, axis of innovation and competitiveness, contributes to reducing emissions and improving air quality, reducing noise pollution and drives the development and industrial transformation.

The current maturity of the technology used in the EV sets an scenario of advantages and disadvantages which is key to establishing an order of priorities as efficient as possible in public policy. Today everything is ready for the implementation of EV in virtually all captive fleets of the city. The strategy and action lines developed in Barcelona have become a benchmark among major cities worldwide.

Government Measure

Electric Vehicle Master Plan

All the charging points for EVs in Barcelona are listed here

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electric charging points in Barcelona

100% electric

The city has two fully electric buses (TMB)


To make electric mobility a reference model for motorized transport, both private and collective, in the city as well as the whole metropolitan area.


To lead from the local administration the implementation process, making the use of the electric vehicles in the city as easy as possible.


To achieve full collaboration between all levels of the administration in order to establish inclusive policies that facilitate global use as much as possible and to engage institutions and companies to collaborate.


To reduce the direct use of least efficient and most polluting fossil fuels in the most densely inhabited areas.


To move towards energy transformation, consolidating electricity as the universal source for consumption and enhancing its generation in a renewable and local way.