The municipal government opened an international competition for ideas for defining the future urban planning layout of the part of Vallcarca affected by the Amendment to the Hospital Militar- Vallcarca General Metropolitan Plan (PGM), in the Gràcia district. The winner will be used as the basis for formulating the Amendment to the General Metropolitan Plan for the area between C/ Farigola, C/ Cambrils, C/ Calendau, C/ Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer and Av Vallcarca.

The aim behind this initiative is to provide a final impetus to Vallcarca's revival, which had been partially halted for years since the 2002 plan, and to build new housing and green spaces and hold planned activities. The result of all that is a neighbourhood full of vacant plots and buildings in a poor state of repair, with families that have been living in affected flats for over 30 years, with all the implications and loss of home quality that implies.

The area in the competition lies in the vicinity of Av Vallcarca, No. 86-132, and covers 15,443 m2. The criteria that will be used for evaluating the proposals received and which indicate the features that the neighbourhood's future layout will have to comply with are as follows: Integration with the neighbourhood environment and identity, Housing and social cohesion and Sustainability and efficiency.

15,443 m2

is the area that the competition covers


Reversing the deterioration process through a building process.


Putting the emphasis on proactive social movements and moving on from complaints to proposals.


Achieving a neighbourhood inspired with new values.