Vallcarca is a neighbourhood in the district of Gràcia which has been affected over the last 50 years by various urban-development plans that never been implemented. Compulsory purchases and demolitions of the old quarter's buildings under these urban planning projects, buildings in poor condition and families that have been living in affected flats for over 30 years, the departure of local residents and elimination of local commerce, plots of land emptied from the effects of the crisis etc. The neighbourhood has deteriorated over the years and the aim now is to remedy that situation with a new Amendment to the General Metropolitan Plan (MPGM) that affects the areas surrounding C/ Farigola, C/ Cambrils, C/ Calendau, C/ Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, Av. Vallcarca and the Vallcarca bridge, consisting of an area of 15,443 m2. This is a new impetus, paving the way for the building of flats, green spaces and facilities that the neighbourhood needs.

Initially approved in March 2018, the Vallcarca MPGM is the result of a broad consensus between the administration, local residents, associations and private promoters.

The insistence of a group of associations on the need to rethink the neighbourhood promoted the organisation in 2014 of a conference on participation and the creation of joint work projects aimed at defining the criteria for creating the new neighbourhood. It was on the basis of these premisses, that an international ideas competition was convened in 2016 which was won by the “Arrels” project, presented by the team of the architect Carles Enrich. This document received a score of 95 points out of 100 from the competition’s jury, which considered the project met all the local residents’ requirements and envisaged excellent integration into the local territory.

To achieve an even broader consensus, this document was discussed and debated with the neighbourhood’s local residents during the Participatory Conference held in 2017. The goal was to further improve the initial project with contributions from all the players involved to finally bring about Vallcarca's transformation.

The proposal is based on boosting and optimising existing resources, especially infrastructures, and shows a special sensitivity to the historical and identifying heritage of the neighbourhood, preserving its low-rise houses and the area's characteristic urban section. At the same time, water stands out as the area's heritage and emphasises the river basin made up of the Vallcarca and Farigola river beds.

In addition to this 15,443 m2 area contemplated by the MPGM, the initiative in Vallcarca also includes other zones that will be discussed and debated separately.


Further information:

Information on the participation process

International Vallcarca Ideas Competition

15,443 m2

Surface area for the project

March 2018

The new MPGM is initially approved


This is the result of several participatory processes


Finally bringing about Vallcarca's transformation.


Reversing the neighbourhood’s deterioration.


Highlighting proactive social movements, participation and consensus.