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Traffic Police

  • Services on the public highway

    The purpose of these services is to ensure that traffic flows smoothly by organising and regulating movement and parking of vehicles.
  • Intervention in RTAs

    The purpose of intervening in RTAs is to assist and inform the parties involved, to compile information and evidence from the accident so as to carry out investigation and draw up reports, as well as to resume traffic safety and flow.
  • Interventions involving drivers

    These interventions are addressed to people who need the services of the Guardia Urbana of Barcelona while they are driving or in circumstances that take place due to conduct that may lead to offences or hazardous situations.
  • Interventions involving vehicles

    These involve regulating the flow of vehicles, organising parking and intervening in RTAs in order to recover or improve traffic safety and flow.
  • Safe mobility education

    This service strives to raise awareness about the roads and encourage safer conduct that conforms to the rules of the road, by informing and educating citizens, particularly schoolchildren.

Administrative Police

  • Inspections / checks

    These interventions involve checking compliance with administrative requirements, regulated by means of ordinances, regulations, edicts, etc., which govern activities on public highways, in dwellings or establishments, works, ownership of pets, pyrotechnics, etc., in specific circumstances.
  • Surveillance of green areas

    This service is intended to prevent and/or deal with unsuitable or banned conduct and events in forest areas, public parks and other green areas.

Citizen safety

  • Interventions in crime prevention

    Interventions aimed at preventing crimes and minor offences (criminal infractions) from being perpetrated.
  • Crime repression interventions

    Intervencions que es generen quan es comet un fet delictiu i que tenen com a finalitat el descobrir el delinqüent, detenir-lo i custodiar-lo, i també cercar i protegir les proves del delicte.
  • Administrative interventions for citizen safety

    Action in this area is brought about when a non-criminal offence is committed against citizen safety or whenever other institutions request the assistance of the Guardia Urbana of Barcelona in any stage of a procedure that does not involve them (arrest controls, evictions, closure of establishments, etc.).

Assistance services

  • Social actions

    The goal of these actions is to offer specific groups, such as minors, the elderly, the homeless, etc., protection when in need, in cooperation with the social services.
  • Assistance actions

    These actions are aimed at providing citizens with help and information.

Community relations services

  • The aim is for these services to be coordinated in conjunction with other institutions and to draw the Guardia Urbana closer to citizens in order to exchange information and be better prepared to meet their requirements.

Procedures and Information Office

  • This office is for carrying out procedures and finding out information relating to the Guardia Urbana.