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Race Transport is a comparison between different means of transport used to move to a city. It compares both travel time and costs they represent: for the user (direct costs) and for society and the environment (external costs). The objectives are:

· Make / the participants of the race made more aware of the costs of transport (not just the time). For this reason, they also bring out the external costs (social and environmental), which is often not taken into account.

· Introduce supply alternative to private vehicle in a municipality and the possibilities of moving efficiently with other transport systems (intermodal).

· Place the non-motorized modes of transport as a fully valid (they are healthy options and safe, and in some routes, the fastest).

· Launching the offer for current or future sustainable mobility.

In the edition of Saturday 22 February 2014 30 people took part in two routes, from two points of origin (Aula Ambiental de la Sagrada Família and Aula Ambiental de Les Corts) to La Fàbrica del Sol, with different means of transportation: bicycle, electric bicycle, bicing, metro, bus, pedal car and on foot.

In conclusion, we can say that the use of public transport represents a savings of 80% on private vehicles and can save 50% of CO2 emissions in the case of the bus, and 90% in the case of Metro. The cycling, walking, skates and public transport are more economical and sustainable forms of travel in urban trips to Barcelona. With the integrated public transport fare, considering the use of T-50/30 achieved savings of 80% on the car; or what is the same, the use of diesel car is 5 to 7 times more expensive than going by public transport; There considering the costs of maintenance, repairs, vehicle purchase taxes and parking and 3 €. Bicycles and skates are modes of transport that best combine speed and economy.

In the second half of the day at the Sun Factory, representatives of six different entities submitted their mobility initiatives collaborative, shared transportation options that save you money and energy.

· Comparte Train. Through the web may come into contact with others who do the same tour for bird discounts of up to 60% with the "Rate Table" Renfe.

· Vanapedal. Eco-logistics company providing efficient solutions for the distribution of goods last mile using cargo tricycles electric assistance.

· Clover. Cooperative messaging and cleaning bicycle and electric vehicles, which applies the cooperative system with ecological sensitivity.

· Advanced. First car-sharing company in Spain that offers an alternative to renting or buying a car in the city. Powered by a system of on-line booking 120 vehicles in different car parks scattered Barcelona. The reservation includes insurance and fuel.

· Social Car. The first rental car P2P (person to person) in Spain. Allows individuals rent their vehicles, taking advantage of the time when not used and remain parked contacting drivers with cars available.

· Yes We Park. Through its web opens a channel of communication between owners and managers of parking spaces and users who need to park in a slot and concrete progress towards the shared parking.

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